Trading Secrets Revealed - How the Pros Trade Forex

The Forex Market is one of the biggest markets in the world with the daily transaction size reaching USD 5.3 Trillion. People from different asset classes are turning into Forex due to its unmatchable advantages. It is open 24 hours and the deep liquidity allows traders to enter and exit the market in an instant. Moreover, people can start trading with relatively low capital compare to other investment such as stock market. Nevertheless, the Forex market can be a huge graveyard for your money if you cannot trade wisely. Even worse, the loss can exceed your capital due to highly leveraged trade facility offered by some Forex brokers. Navigating the ups and downs of the Forex market requires solid guidance and rules that you better never attempt to disobey. Here are the rules that have passed the test of time and market turbulence that you must keep in mind in order to profit in the Forex Market. Have a clear trading plan and stick to it. You should define you

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Getting the RIGHT Education to Win in FOREX

Hello, If you want to win at FOREX trading you need the right education. The fact is 95% of novice traders lose all their equity quickly, that's not because they don't work hard or can't win - they simply put their efforts in the wrong area. Let's look at how to achieve currency trading success by learning forex trading the right way. Use the Internet You can get all the Forex education you need for free on the net, you simply have to look in the right areas, which we will explain in more detail in a moment. A fatal mistake Is to think you can buy success from a guru or mentor on the net. Most of the information sold is junk or available free anyway. Many traders are duped by attractive advertising copy, claiming that you can make huge regular profits by buying an e-book for $100 or so, but the reality is: If the information was so good it would not be sold; these vendors would simply trade for themselves and the fact is they don't. The


Without the right experience and discipline, there is the potential to suffer large losses when trading the Forex market. But, with more thought and a proper plan of action, there is a greater chance of avoiding such disasters. Here are four things to know to become successful in the Forex market:  Define your risk tolerance To be successful in the Forex market, it is essential to fully recognize the markets and yourself. One of the first steps is to gain self-awareness and clearly define your risk tolerance. This relates to amount you are willing to invest, which should be a figure that isn't too high and won't cause financial problems in the event of a loss. But, still at a sensible amount that makes it possible to complete regular trades in the market. It helps to analyze your financial goals in the process of determining the amount to trade. Carefully choose your broker One of the most essential steps for the beginner to get involved in Forex t


The first key element is one we have mentioned already, it is also the one element of trading that seems to get the most attention - The Trading Strategy. 1. The Trading Strategy Your Trading Strategy is basically how you trade, what must happen in order for you to pull the trade trigger? Most trading strategies are based upon indicators such as RSI, Moving Average or a combination of a few different indicators, personally I prefer not to trade based upon indicators. Being able to simply read the Price Action off the charts will provide you with a much stronger base in determining your trades. Whatever your choice, having a good trading strategy is very important when trying to become a profitable Forex trader. The question is what do I mean by 'good'? What constitutes a 'good' trading strategy? Most traders define a 'good' trading strategy as one that has a high rate of success. The truth is you need to ask, how has this 'success rate

Forex Tips For The Novice Trader

There is no magic formula for successful trade, but efforts in self discipline, practice and the development of important skills. Experts are able to complete an analysis of current market trends and the steps that must be taken to produce confident results and favorable financial returns. The following tips for novice traders will soon have you trading and turning profits like the professionals. Familiarization of market and currency terminology is imperative allowing for smart trading and a clear evaluation of risks. Obtaining relevant information will guide decision making and help you choose which choices to make in the trade platform. This can include the use of charts, methodologies and a detailed assessment of the economy to provide details on whether to enter or exit specific trades. Learn the different trade strategies and techniques that are available and which of these yield the most applicable results. Understanding an approach to assess and enter the m


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